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Hydraulic motor


The hydraulic motors for our hydraulice gearboxes have a shaft that can be either Ø25 or Ø32, perfectly matched to the bevel pinion of the gearbox.

In terms of performance, the smaller the size, the higher the speed in RPM and the lower the torque expressed in Nm. Conversely, the larger the size, the lower the RPM and the higher the torque.

The correct choice of motor size must take into account the following factors: the size of the trailer to which the manure spreader is to be applied, the speed of the floor at the customer’s discretion, the load capacity in kg and the type of vehicle to which the gearbox will be applied

Product description

The hydraulic gearbox is a device that sets the floor of the manure spreader trailer in motion. It advances the manure evenly as it passes through the spreading systems and enables it to be dispersed in the work area

Other application areas

The hydraulic gearboxes we produce can also be applied to other machines, both agricultural and non-agricultural, which need to reduce the input speed of the hydraulic motor:

  • Hose reels with hydraulic motor rewind
  • Floor handling on manure spreaders and grass loading trailers
  • Potato and beet harvesters
  • Wood chippers and straw choppers
  • Bucket mixers for the construction and agricultural sectors
  • Agricultural silage harvesters
  • Salt spreading machines

Customization, maintenance and after-sales services

Our products are modular and customizable, based on the size of the agricultural machine, the material to be spread and the place of destination. Discover also the full range of after-sales services, with scheduled maintenance performed directly by our team of experts.

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