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Removable Vertical beaters unit SV4 540 RPM 1″3/8


These models of manure spreader trailer equipment consist of vartically arranged rotors. This configuration makes them suitable for chopping, spreading and evenly distributing organic fertiliser in orchards, vineyards or medium to large fields. Vertical equipment can include both mechanical and hydraulic systems for feeding the floor.

* The choice of equipment with two or four vertical rotors depends on the type of product to be spread and the size of the wagon to which it will be applied. Four rotors provide superior shredding compared to two rotors.

Product description

Manure spreaders can be customised to the specifications of the agricultural machine, the conditions of use and the area of application.

Hydraulic or mechanical drive systems regulate the amount of material distributed in relation to the power of the rotors, box and gearbox assemblies.

Maintenance of these components is essential to ensure the efficiency and durability of the machinery and to prevent oxidation and deterioration

Cleaning and maintenance

We recommend thorough cleaning after each use and periodic lubrication of the components

Customization, maintenance and after-sales services

Our products are modular and customizable, based on the size of the agricultural machine, the material to be spread and the place of destination. Discover also the full range of after-sales services, with scheduled maintenance performed directly by our team of experts.